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Social media Ads + Graphics design + Advertising strategy
With OYOS you can access affordable marketing bundles from as low as NGN6000 Naira to advertise your brand and online store to thousands of new customers on facebook and instagram. By purchasing any marketing bundle for the scale of people/customers you want to reach, you get a well branded graphic design for your advertisement and you never have to worry about paying for the Advert on social media as well, simply purchase a marketing bundle, fill the “Advert placement form” and your advert is up on social media within hours working with your OYOS store assistant.

Saves you the hassle of paying a graphics designer to make a design for your advert and also directly structuring for your Ad Impression and paying for the advert as well. Your OYOS store assistant does all the work for you, working for you. Purchase a marketing bundle of your choice now.


Adverts can run for either 7 days or more at their varied specified cost. The longer the “Advert Duration”, the more effective your advertising campaign.

FB Marketing Bundles

Mini AD (7-Days)
Reach Up-to 2,500-6,500 Customers (Website & Profile Visits)
Up-to 3 Product Slides (Carousels)


Medium AD (14-Days)
Reach Up-to 6,000-15,000 Customers (Website & Profile Visits)
Up-to 7 Product Slides (Carousels)


Mega AD (21-Days)
Reach Up-to 10,000-25,000 Customers (Website & Profile Visits)
Up-to 10 Product Slides (Carousel)


I.G Marketing Bundles

Mini AD (7-Days)
Reach Up-to 4000-7,500 Customers (Website & Profile Visits)
1 Graphic Card Design


Medium AD (14-Days)
Reach Up-to 8,500-16,000 Customers (Website & Profile Visits)
1 Graphic Card Design


Mega AD (21-Days)
Reach Up-to 15,000-25,000 Customers (Website & Profile Visits)
2 Graphic Card Design




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